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Studio Rules and Regulations

  • Rates

    • My rates are $20/half hour, $35/hour.  

  • Payment.

    • Payments are to be made in cash either monthly, or at the start of each lesson. 

    • e-Transfers will only be accepted for monthly payments, or in the event of an emergency, in which case they must be received at the start of your lesson.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Failure to pay for 3 lessons in a row will result in the suspension of your lessons until payment is made in full.  

  • Administration Fee:

    • All students are asked to pay a $20​ Administration Fee at the start of the year (due at your first lesson, and at the starting of each new term). This is to cover costs such as music, printing etc as all your music will be provided for you throughout the year. 

  • Cancellation Policy

    • Lessons must be cancelled with 24-hours advance notice (except in the case of an emergency; this is considered at the time of the event).  Should you fail to cancel with 24 hours notice, you are expected to pay for the lesson in full. 

    • PLEASE NOTE: 5 Cancelled lessons without just cause before we break for Christmas will result in the loss of your lesson time.

  • Lateness

    • I cannot guarantee that you will receive a full lesson if you arrive late for your scheduled time. Your lesson time is reserved for you and others will be turned away for that time so please schedule carefully.

  • Facebook Group

    • KWB has a private facebook group where I will post any updates throughout the year.  You will be asked to join this once you begin lessons. 

  • Summer Months

    • I do continue teaching during the summer months. If you would like to take the summer off there is a process for holding your spot for your return in the fall. 

  • Materials

    • All Students are recommended to have a binder to hold all their sheet music and worksheets, as well as a note book so I can write in their lesson notes.

  • Show Weeks

    • KWB works closely with Branch Out Productions. During their productions all lessons after 6pm will be cancelled.

  • Recitals

    • We will have 2 recitals each year to learn more about performance, as well as to showcase all you’ve learned to your family and friends. These will take place in December and June. These are not mandatory. 

  • Holidays

    •  I will be teaching through all holidays (unless otherwise stated) and will provide lessons to those available. If you will not be available for your lesson during a long weekend or holiday, it is your responsibility to let me know and cancel your lesson in due time.

  • Safe Space

    • KWB is an inclusive space for all genders and orientations. Any hate speech will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of your lessons.​

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